What does ‘service’ mean for hosted VoIP resellers?

We hear endless calls for resellers to add value and move into services. In one sense, resellers have always provided ‘services’, in the form of advice and guidance on what to buy at the very least. Most have always provided telephone support and on-site service and repairs too – and these kinds of service are still required today. Many resellers offer remote ‘managed’ services as well now

But what does ‘service’ mean when it comes to selling hosted voice?

The answer is very simple, and what VoIP resellers can offer is no different to what any other reseller might offer on other kinds of hosted or cloud service. At the most fundamental level, which means helping the customer understand what hosted VoIP is, where it fits in and what benefits it, can offer to their business.

It means advising on which kind of service will be right for the customer, on the features and functionality that can and should be used. At a more advanced level, it means working with the customer to make use of the new capability, flexibility and agility that hosted VoIP gives to them can be used to deliver better service to their customers and to train staff and ensure that they know how to use the features to good effect.

In the end, the reseller VoIP services are only there to help the customer achieve the goal of improving their own service levels. Part of that may be cutting costs, which VoIP will do of course, but most of it is about enabling new ways of working and improved communications, awareness and responsiveness.

Of course, hosted VoIP is, in of itself, a service and it needs to be managed and monitored. Resellers will also need to provide simple billing for customers, and can also offer remote management, taking away the hassle of adding or removing seats and changing users’ rights from internal administration staff. There may also be a need to provide managed security on top of the VoIP service itself.

When it comes to VoIP then, the services resellers provide are not so different to the ones they would offer in support of other solutions. Reseller hosted VoIP services are all about making sure the customer makes the right choices and gets the best out of the service they use.