The benefits of using VoIP for your business

There are so many business benefits of VoIP it’s hard to know where to start. Hosted voice services are flexible and much easier to monitor and manage than PSTN systems. They offer a tremendous array of features and they will typically reduce telephony costs by a third or more. Taken together, the benefits are very considerable indeed.

The biggest benefit for most business is perhaps the flexibility and practicality VoiP provides. With a hosted of cloud-based VoIP service, you can get set-up very quickly, add or remove users and chance access rights easily. You can work from anywhere and even relocate very quickly and easily if you need to. You can have multiple numbers with different STD codes, so you can serve the needs of different areas or customer groups from a central point. You can enable mobile working, and as numbers can follow their owners, employees can always be available.

The second big benefit is capability. Name just about any voice feature you’d like and you can have it with VoIP. Voicemail, auto attendant, ring-back, DND, forwarding and diversion, caller ID, call blocking, voice recording, tele-conferencing, and much more besides. As it is all IP-based, services can be adapted to meet your requirements, and you can add or new features or turn them off at any time.

Many VoIP services can also be integrated with CRM systems, so that you can have details pop up on your agents’ screens when a customer calls in, and your staff can use the CRN software to find and dial numbers directly. For companies with call centres or telephony-based customer care or support, these integration capability is invaluable.

The third key benefit is manageability. With hosted voice services, you can get detailed call reporting and even monitor call patterns in real time, so you can manage resources more effectively and make sure that teams are working as they should be and prioritising the right customers and calls. You can see how many calls have been lost, and how long people have been left holding, so you can get a detailed perspective.

The fourth factor is affordability. VoIP services will always be more cost-effective than analogue PSTN services. Exactly how much you save on bills will depend on the kind of calls you make, but most businesses will see the reduction of a third or more in their overall costs.

The gains made in terms of increased efficiency, availability of staff, customer responsiveness and service, and flexibility are harder to quantify – but they certainly do bring significant benefits to every business that deploys VoIP.