One thing tends to lead to another – and that’s good for business

Ask any small business person about the best way to get new business and the chances are, you’ll be told that it’s who you know, not what you know that counts. Being referred by an existing client to a friend, or just as commonly, meeting someone face-to-face at an event or even just in a local café, bar or restaurant, is often what leads to new business opportunity.

It’s a simple and pleasant enough way of doing business. You get introduced, you talk about what you do and discover there may be ways in which you can help each other. That initial meeting or conversation will often be the start of a long-term relationship. It may start with something small, but lead to major projects and partnerships that benefit both parties.

One thing tends to lead to another and that’s most certainly the case with hosted VoIP. The first stage might be setting up a couple of hosted VoIP accounts and phones for the business to try out That could and often does lead to a complete replacement of the company’s old telephony system and the use of extended features, such as the use of local areas numbers that when called at directed into a central office, interactive voice recognition or automatic call distribution.

All this and much more if perfectly possible with hosted VoIP services and, quite frankly, much easier to access and use – and much cheaper too – that they would be on old PSTN systems. In our experience, every business that tries VoIP, always expands their use of the service after they have run their trial – and often accelerate adoption once they have seen the benefits. Any exceptions to this tend to be for quite unusual reasons.

And once they have started to see their hosted system working and delivering more efficient, manageable and flexible working practice for everyone in the business, they are eager to hear about what else they can do, an adopt some of those more advanced features. For the VoIP reseller, one thing almost always leads to another – and that’s always good for business.